DIY Sandwich/Cookie Cutter

The things you will need for this project:

1. Pen and Paper

2. Stapler

3. Scissors or Tin Snips

4. Aluminum Cans (I used V8 cans as they have no 5 cent deposit)

5. Something to Cut with the new Cutter



First Draw out on the paper the shape you wish your new cutter to be. If you are making a sandwich cutter, you may want to trace a piece of bread. This will help you know what size you have to work with. For this cutter we are using tetris shapes.



Next, we need to cut off the ends of the aluminum cans, then cut the center in to two. Make sure the edges are clean and you will have two long rectangles.



Using the rectangle can pieces, as well as the drawning of the cutter, start bending and shaping the can to match your drawing. Overlaping the metal and stabling them together evenly for proper cutting.



Once your cutter is as awesome as you want it to be, go ahead and give it a try!