Taco Salad



1 lb ground beef

1 Pack Taco Seasoning

¾ Cups Water

1 Head Romaine Lettuce

2 Cups Shredded Cheese

1 Can Sliced Olives

1 Can Kidney Beans

1 Cup Mayo

⅓ Bag Doritos




In a skillet brown the ground beef. Once fully cooked add water and taco seasoning, stir and let thicken over median heat. When properly heated remove from heat and let cool.

Remove the heart of the romaine lettuce and tare the remaining leaves into bite size pieces. Place the torn leaves into a large bowl and add the olives, beans, cheese and cooled off meat. Stir and add in the mayo. Add more or less mayo to taste. Right before serving mix in crushed Doritos.




Leftovers are best with fresh Doritos added.

Some people like to add fresh diced tomatoes.