The Count of Monte Cristo

by Alexandre Dumas


Edmond Dantes is young and at the start of his life. Things seem to be falling perfectly in place for him. He is loved by his employer, his father and the women of his dreams. He is about to be named captain of a ship and to be wed. Nothing could be better for young Edmond. Until he is betrayed and is sent to jail to be forgotten. 14 years are spent in prison. When Edmond regains his freedom nothing can stop him from getting his revenge on them that sent him there and stole his life from him.

Review: 7/10

This is a very long book but every page is worth the read. Alexandra Dumas pulls from his own life and has a artful way of telling this tell. Settings and people are painted so well it is not hard to place your self in each setting, feeling the light and dark of it. Things are simple and at the same time overly complicated. The range of emotion and feelings that are explored here, showing the need for justice and the power of mercy. This book truly is a masterpiece and will profit any and all that take the time to enjoy it.