What is the Meaning of life?


This question has plague the world for ages. People of all walks of life have asked it. We seek and try to find a reason. We can feel that life was meant for more then just being. We want more then simply to live. In our search we often turn to things with no real meaning. We try so hard to find a answer. Something that fills the void of simply living. Things such as objects, ideas and even feelings. We get so swept up in the search. That we often fell to even note what we are doing. We waste are lives hoping in vain that someday, someday it well work out. Someday it well be enough.


The sad truth of life is that we waste it. Often to no real fault of our own. It can be a hard fight to simply be alive. Days filled with the base need of finding food, heat and shelter. Any and all that live have much to be praised for. The so called low of us, often diverse more respect for the battles they fight daily to live. Still if we live simply to live. Then we too miss out and waste are lives. For there is something more that we all seek and need.


We even try and hide from the search for meaning at times. We remove ourselves from life. Hiding in worlds of fantasy. We try and live our lives vicariously through others. Be it a character in a book, a athlete, singer or actor. It doesn’t even have to be a person. Often we get tide up into the life of a group or organization. Hiding behind others way of thinking. In a vain hope that they have found the meaning.


When we stop and take the time, to take all this in, we see how we all seek after this meaning. How there are many roads we can walk. Many ideas of where to look. We see how we fight and bicker with one another over the many paths. We often fall for the idea that what we seek must be different for each of use. That each must answer this question for ones self. This idea is dangerous. It hits at truth but ultimately keeps us from finding what we seek. It dose this by enticing us to keep to the path we have chosen. Filling us with a false hope of someday. Someday it well work out and if it doesn’t it was not the path that was at fault but us. Oh the great lie that this is. For when we take a closer look at the search we all our on. We can find a common thread. For the common thread in all life. The thing we measure the void by, is are happiness. The rich, the poor, we all do what we do to lessen the emptiness, the loneliness. We act to fight these feeling and when we have found a measure of happiness we fight to enlarge it.


So we now have the meaning of life it is to be happy. With the meaning of life are search changes. Once we asked, what? Now we ask. How? This question is tempting to write off with a half truth we already thought about. That each must answer this question ones self. It is easy to think this because all the paths people walk have a measure of happiness, For that is why they walk them and keep to them. Thinking that one day it well pay off with lasting happiness.


For happiness is often found in day to day life. We each find it in different ways but in the end this kind of happiness is passing. It leaves us as fast as it came to us. We could end are search here and say that happiness is like the other basic needs of life. Like food and water or rest it wasn't meant to last. We have to refill as we go along, that as we grow are taste change and we need to keep finding new ways of being happy. This is another great lie. We want to think it is true because it means we don't have to change from are given path. Means that life has meaning but we make the rules. This lie we try and sell ourselves is tempting but we can feel that are hunger for happiness is for something more. We want real happiness. Lasting happiness that fills the void not just tries to hide it.


We start to see that happiness is not enough we need joy in are life. Joy is something far greater and not so easily found. We can not simply stubble upon it. For true joy in life must be sought after. We must seek the knowledge of what gives true joy and what gives simple happiness. When we have learned the differences. We must weed through are activities in life and remove things that hold us back. For even if they bring some happiness they do not always help us and often hold us back form things in life that can give us endless joy. As we learn of the good and cut out the bad we grow in joy. Our joy is grown and fills us from the inside.