Metal Working

Is THE blacksmith site. It has a little of everything that has to do with Smithing.

This is a to a part of with tutorials on different Blacksmith projects and techniques.

This site is about building your a small back yard foundry. It has some great tips on fuels and designs. 



This is the place to go for all your pie recipes needs. I have tried many of these pies and they all taste delicious.

This guy knows his yeast. Be it making bread, cheese or even soda. This is the place to learn the ins and outs.



Leather Worker CaveGeekArt burns leather and paints with a bone "brush" Sells prints and orginals of Fantasy Maps and other art.

Fun webtoons comic about a sloth and his.... acquanitaces.

Gamma Art page. Great art by a great artist.

Dfrnt Art page.