The Iceberg Hermit

by Arthur Roth


This story is based off a true story. In 1757, Allan, a young man of 17 sets sail on a whaling ship. Not his first voyage but his most memorable. For you see the ship never returned to port. Allan was thrown from the ship as it hit a iceberg. He was spared from drowning in the icy water by that same iceberg but the other crew members were not so lucky. Alone and in the frozen north Allan befriending a orphaned polar bear cub and learns new things about himself and the world.

Review: 9/10

This maybe a children's book but I love it. Yes, the language used is simple. The book is also on the shorter side. So, if you think that in order for a book to be a good, it has to be long and use big words. You're not going to like this. If you think, a good book is one where, the mind is opened to a new world. That leaves the reader better for having read it. Teaching them more about them selves and the world around them. Then this is the book for you. Allan is not the smartest person in the world but he has a simple honesty about him. It is refreshing.