By Bram Stoker


Mr. Harker, a English solicitor is sent to Transylvania to help Count Dracula purchase a estate in England. The Count wishing to go to new lands and new people has studied the English ways. He dose his best to show his guest every hospitality but in the end can not hide his more carnal behavior. Mr. Harker fears what he has set loose on England but is powerless to stop the Count and his move to England. Dracula is set loose in a new land with a people that don't believe in his kind or in the methods to stop him.

Review: 8/10

I was kind of shocked how much I liked this book. People always talk about how it is the birth of horror books and of Vampire stories. They never talk about the mystery and emotion. Even the way the story is told though journals, diaries and letters. I enjoyed both the story being told and the way it was told.