by Brian Jacques



Redwall is a sweet little abbey on the edge of Mossflower woods. Named for its large red sandstone walls. The Abbey is the home of many of the peaceful creatures of Mossflower. That is until the night of the great feast, the night that Cluny the scourge and his horde of rats came down the road in a cart. The horde sieges the Abby in a hope of making it their new fortress. To make it Cluny's seat of power. The creatures of the Abbey do their best to keep the horde at bay while one of the young mice by the name of Matthias, sets out on a quest to find the legendary sword of Martin the Warrior in a hope to defeat this invading army.


Review: 7/10


I found this book to be a fun read. It isn't perfect and I feel the author gets better as the series goes on. Most notably I found in this book it was hardest to tell if these are mice in a human size world or mice in a mice sized world. Still, it is a good read with many memorable characters.