by Brian Jacques




Matthias is now the warrior of Redwall. Cluny the scourge and his horde have been defeated for many seasons but peace can't seem to last. Slagar the Cruel, a fox, that hates the abbey and the creatures of Mossflower, has come to the abbey with a gang of slavers. They pretended to be traveling performers and entered the abbey on the night of a feast. As the creatures of the abbey watched the show they did not notice the drug that was put into their drinks. When they woke the next morning the performers and the children of the abbey were gone. Matthias and a group from the abbey set out to find the slavers and get their children back. While they are away a flock of birds lead by a raven named Ironbeak comes from the north country to conquer the abbey.


Review: 8/10


This book really locks in the Redwall formula but still making a new and interesting adventure. Some things are changed up like the main quest being away from the abbey and the side story being at the abbey. Some may not like that these books follow the same formula. I don't mind because even if the basic outline is the same each story adds to the world of Redwall. They not only do a great job of being stand alone stories with new problems and people. They also enlarge the over all view we have of this world. I feel that this book the author really has found what he wants from each Redwall book. That it is here that he has found the craft of how each book should be written and has only to worry about the world of Redwall and the stories of its people.