Mariel of Redwall

by Brian Jacques



A young mouse maid is washed ashore with no memory of who she is or where she has come from. She is alone but she has a strong well and a mind to survive. When she meets other friendly creature they help her find her way to the abbey, in a hope that the peaceful creatures there, can help her regain her memory. When she dose remember who she is and where she is from, she also remembers her father is imprisoned by sea rats. She quickly sets out to free him. She is aided by several creature from the abbey and riddle of a map left by a adventure of old. As this small group leave on one road, to quest to find the stronghold of sea rats, a ship full of sea rats unknowingly is headed to the abbey on another road.


Review: 8/10


This book was a little on the heavy side with side stories but not by much. Even so, it does a great job of bring them all together in the end and uses them to introduce base stories for several books to come. The character of this story are very strong personalities but still believable in nature.