by Brian Jacques




Salamandastron, the fortress of the badger Lords is the goal that Ferahgo the assassin, leader of the corpsemakers has set his eyes on. He longs to make the fortress his home but more he longs for the gold and treasure he feels that the mountain fortress must hold. This weasel warlord has already dealt with badgers and has gain control of the southern lands. He marches his army of corpsemakers upon the mountain. Meanwhile some of deserters of the army have found their way to Redwall Abbey. They had no ill intent but unknown to them they bring death.


Review: 8/10


This book really opens the world of Redwall. The author really changes the main story off of Redwall and the people of the abbey. They still have a place in the story and the story is still tied to the abbey and its history but using the formula of these books. The author has ventured out into this new wide world but still keeping the story anchored in our little abbey. I love how this really makes you feel as if you live in Redwall. You would hear of stories of the surrounding area but even more so if your home had a part to play in the stories even if it was a small part.