The Bellmaker

by Brian Jacques




On a rain filled March morning the Dibbuns of Redwall gather around for breakfast and to hear the tale of The Bellmaker. The Bellmaker's story was one of their favorite stories. It was a tale of adventure. A tale of the Redwall's people but mostly of it's bellmaker, Joesph. You see in days gone by in Redwall, Joesph was worried about his daughter. She had left seasons earlier with Dandin. His Fear of what may have befallen her came to a head when he had a dream and was visited by the ghost of Martin the warrior. Martin sent Joseph and a group of Redwallers on a adventures to help Joesph's daughter and a kingdom to the south that was being invaded by a Fox wearing a white wolf hide.




The beginning of this story was one of the harder to get into so far. The characters start already spread across the map. Each engaged in different activities. The reader is rewarded though as the story moves on and it becomes clearer what is going on in each scene. We also get to see into the life of a sea rat a little more. We learn that they are not all bad and that some are rather nice creatures.