The Horse and His Boy

by C.S. Lewis


This is the fifth book of seven books in the Narnia series.

This story takes a jump back in time, it is set with in the last chapters of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. It is not about English children and their adventurers in Narnia but a boy in a southern country to Narnia. This boy learns that the man he thought was his father is not really his father and is going to sell him as a slave. If this was not enough of a shock for him, when he enters the stable to wait for his new master he learns that the horses can speak. As he talks to this new friend, he also learns that his new master is going to treat him bad. They agree that the best path to take is to flee to the horse home land of Narnia. On the way the meet a girl and another talking horse that are also fleeing to Narnia.

Review: 7/10

Again C.S. Lewis takes another point of view on things in this book. It has a very different feel then some of the other books. In the other books you have a feel of over coming. Here it is more about escaping getting to a better place. It still has the flow and read of the other books but it almost feels like a completely different series. I still enjoyed it and it adds even more levels to the world bring in more history and showing that things are not always the way we may first think.