The Last Battle

by C.S. Lewis


This is the seventh book of seven books in the Narnia series.

The last book in the Narnia series all the characters from the other books are in or talk about here but the main characters in this book are a ape, a donkey and the King. The ape is smart and greedy. When he finds a old loin skin, he comes up with a plan to dress the donkey, who is simple minded but good intending, to dress up as Aslan. The ape then trikes the people into thinking that he is the spokesman for Aslan. The gifts the people bring is not enough for the ape he starts selling the talking animals as works to the neighboring countries. This is where the King and English children enter the scene. What can they do to save Narnia from this lie.

Review: 7/10

I think this is my least favorite of the books in the is series. Don't get me wrong, it still a great book. I just felt that a lot of the book felt forced. It still had a good story and a lot of ideas about life and death. I enjoyed some of the deeper ideas and how he left some things unanswered. I even use the dwarfs in the barn as a example of the way some people are. I simple felt that it was forced because the ideas that come forward seem to be the motivator for writing it. I feel that C. S. Lewis cut short his tells of Narnia. I for one felt that the story had more to give in other tells. That it was ended before it should have been but I did not create the world of Narnia. Over all this book and the whole of the series is a great work.