The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

by C.S. Lewis


This is the first book of seven books in the Narnia series.

Four English children moved to the country to escape the German Blitz of World War II. In the large country house they find a empty room save for a large wardrobe filled with winter coats. One of the girls finds that the wardrobe is a entrance to another world, Narnia. When the others try to enter into this world they find that it is nothing more then a wardrobe. Until one day when they all are trying to hide from a group touring the house. They find they have no place to hide but the wardrobe. They quickly find that they are in a forest of Narnia. A place cursed by a the White Witch to always be winter and never Christmas. They also learn of Aslan the great lion. That it was foretold that they would come and with the help of Aslan over throw the White Witch.

Review: 7/10

This was the first book C. S. Lewis wrote about Narnia. It is elegantly done. It truly is a book that can be enjoyed by all ages. As a simple story for kids or as a study of behavior and personality. There are many subtle details to be found that can enrich the story for the older reader. With out getting in the way of younger readers or casual readers.