The Silver Chair

by C.S. Lewis


This is the fourth book of seven books in the Narnia series.

The four original kids are not in this book but their cousin is. After growing up some and learning to respect others on his last visit to Narnia, he finds that his old friends are now bullying him. He is the talk of the school how he has changed so much. When trying to hide from a group of bullies he tells a friend of Narnia. They ask Aslan for help from the bullies and as they pass through a gate they find them selves in Aslan's country. This is the start of their adventurer in Narnia. Much time has passed, King Caspian is now a old man and his only son is missing. The two children set out to find the lost prince with some help from Aslan and other people of Narnia.

Review: 8/10

This book stand out in that Aslan role takes place more before and after the quest. He gives the children the information they need right way in clues. Another thing that stood out to me here is that it is the first time that they see another kingdom. A part of the world that is not part of ruled by Narnia. Showing that there is much more to this world then we read about in the books. Again I think C. S. Lewis dose a great job of painting a picture of another world that anyone would enjoy to read and learn about.