Great Expectations

by Charles Dickens


A young Blacksmith's apprentice named Pip was very happy with his life. He lived with his sister and brother in-law. Working in the forge not wanting anything more from life. Until one day he was hired by a wealthy old lady to play with her adopted daughter Estella. Estella changed his world. She made him want to be something great. Someone she would notice. Being a Blacksmith was no longer enough. Now he hope to be a English Gentleman.

Review: 9/10

As someone that hobbies as a blacksmith. That has worked as a clerk (The job of a lot of English Gentleman) and has had Estellaish women in my life. I can really relate to Pip. So I really enjoyed this book but even if I didn't know a thing about any of these things. I still would recommend this book. Dickens did a great job with this story. There are a lot of twist and turns but every step of the way is painted with detailed imagery. It is also note worthy to say that Dickens wrote two endings to this story.