The Silmarillion

By J.R.R. Tolkien



A history of more then time. The Silmarillion tells of the planning of middle-earth, creation and corruption. With in these pages we learn the very foundation of a world. The people of it and the fate that befalls many from events long before there time. We learn the start of elf, dwarf and man. The many reasons they have to love and hate one another.


Review 7/10

This is a hard book to rate. With ever page bring in new names of people and place many of which are never talk about again. Silmarillion can be easy to get lost in. Also the stories that are unfolding are often more of a over view, lacking any great detail, quickly moving over events. All of this can make it hard to follow but this is also why the book is great. It has a feel of a history book. You can sense other things are going on. That the world is much larger and more detailed then you are getting. It gives it a feel of a real world. One in which the author belongs and doesn’t feel a need to go into great detail about places and things. People of that world should know about them or at least beadle to learn about them in other books and maps. Even with this feel of a history book, The Silmarillion has many subtle and some not so subtle in sites to human behavior. The reading of this book should and can have a larger impact on some one then just entertainment.