The Hobbit

by J.R.R. Tolkien




Bilbo Baggins lived a happy simple life in the Shire. He had all that he wanted and needed. He had no plan for adventure but adventure found him or I should say a wizard by the name of Gandalf found him. Gandalf had a fondness for the shire and the hobbits that lived there and when Gandalf need to find a burglar for a group of dwarves seeking to steal back there treasure, the shire is the place he went to look. Before Bilbo knew what was going on he was hosting dinner for the group and in the morning he was on the road with the group of dwarves seeking after a mountain full of treasure and a dragon.


Review: 9/10


Truly a classic book the day it was printed. It is little wonder that this book has inspired so many different forms of media. Tolkien dose a wonderful job of telling stories with in the story. It is easy to feel as if this is a real world and real people. They have lives before this story and they have lives after the story. Things happen out side the flow of the story. You can tell that this is a detail and complicated world for Tolkien and the characters in it but it is also a simple read.