The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

by Mark Twain


The adventures of a boy named Tom. Tom is a smart, clever boy that has never known real hard ship. I well not say he was spoiled but he was cared for. The adventures told are that of a care free southern boy. It is a peek into youth in a time before TV, electricity and other distractions.

Review: 6/10

This book is a great picture of life on the Mississippi. Tom is the perfect example of boys being boys. He is not a saint or a demon. He is smart and clever but still in youth and thinks mostly of him self. He is care free and just looking to have fun. I can not say that this book is something that well teach you and take you to new depths. I can say that it should be entertaining and should leave you with a spirit of peace. Being better for having read this adventure and more understanding of others.