The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

by Robert Louis Stevenson


Gabriel John Utterson is a prosecutor that one night learns of a man by the name of Mr. Hyde. He is told that this Mr. Hyde has a sinister figure and that he trampled a young girl. After doing this he payed off the family with 10 pounds in gold and a note for 90 pounds to be paid by Dr Jekyll. Mr. Utterson takes notice of this because Dr. Jekyll is a client of his. As he hears more stories of this Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll. He starts to think that Mr. Hyde is blackmailing Dr. Jekyll. Being a lawyer he looks into the case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde and what a strange case it is.

Review: 7/10

This book can be both a entertaining read and a dive into the deeper parts of the human mind. On the one hand, we have rich characters and a colorful seen. Where the story has a natural flow. On the other side we talk of good, evil and the use of time. The dangers of miss using it. I found that both people seeking a entertaining read and people seeking a deeper thought provoking read will enjoy this book.