The Art of Blacksmithing revised edition

by Alex W Bealer


The first edition of the book was written as a tribute to Blacksmithing. The author and most the world thought the world of Blacksmithing was dieing. In this revised edition Blacksmithing is seen as a art that will never die. The book talks much of the history of blacksmithing. The different methods used and different things that people made. This book is both a history and a manual for blacksmithing.

Review: 9/10

I LOVED this book. It is a must read for anyone that wants to get into blacksmithing. For a nonfiction book I found it a very enjoyable read. The author dose a wonderful job of going over the details of the craft. Painting a picture in your mind of what is going on and how you could do it your self. You could spend hours with a Master Blacksmith and only get a fraction of the information found in this book. Again most read for any level smith.