The Cheese Book

By Vivienne Marquis and Patricia Haskell




Ever wondered where a cheese came from? Why it has its name or what it should taste like. This book covers all this and more. Dive into the world of cheese. Learn the different kinds and where in the world it was first made and where it is made best. Learn the history of a cheeses and how to pick the best of each kind. Learn the art of cheese tasting and the best parings for each cheese.


Review 8/10


This is a great book for both the beginner or the expert. I find that this book can be used both as a entertaining read to learn about cheese or as a reference book. Reminding us of little details. This book is in no way a complete guide to cheeses and it is a little dated. Still, The information in here should be enough for anyone to eat, shop and just over all enjoy cheese more. I found the author to giving a very fare and well rounded point of view to cheese. Sharing their own thoughts and what others may think.