Ice Cream Cake


There are many ways to make ice cream cake. You can use a variety of different favors and additives. Some good combinations are, cookies and cream ice cream with crushed Oreos between layers or Mint chocolate chip ice cream with crushed mint fudge cookies. This is the cake I am going to show you how to make here.





1 gallon of Ice cream

10 cookies

16 oz of cool whip


Prep Work


First you crush the cookies or other item, that you are plan to use in between the layers. In this case, I am using Mint fudge cookies and a ninja blender to crush them. Once they have been crushed you put a small layer evenly in the bottom of two cake pans.



Next you scoop ice cream into three cake pans. Two with the crushed cookies and one with nothing in it. The ice cream is going to melt some but this just helps to fill in all the holes. Once the pans are full, place a sheet of wax paper over them and place them in the freezer for a couple of hours.



Building the Cake


First you need something to build the cake on. It shouldn't be metal, as this transfers heat faster then other items and can melt the base of the cake. I use a metal cake carrying case but I place a peace of cardboard wrap in plastic wrap over the metal. I also try and seal in the ice cream with a cool whip base.



Now, you place one of the cake pans of ice cream with the crushed cookies on your cool whip base. It shouldn't be hard to get the ice cream to come free of the pan. You just need to run some hot water on the pan. This will melt some of the ice cream. Making it just slide out of the pan onto the cool whip. Leaving a layer of ice cream, topped with crushed cookies. Do this again with the other pan with crushed cookies and top that with the last pan of ice cream. Cover the whole thing in cool whip and freeze again for a couple of hours or over night and Enjoy.



Here is another cake I made using yellow cake and brown cow ice cream. (I had my nephews and niece use colored cool whip to decorate the cake and then had them, give it to there mother, for her birthday)