Step 1: Select apples

When choosing apples for applesauce. You are looking for sweet apples. If you use sour apples you well have to add sweeteners. When shopping ask for “Seconds”, "Culls" of "Drops". They may not look as pretty but they are just as health.


Step 2: How many apples

You'll get about 12 to 16 quarts of applesauce per bushel (40 lbs) of apples.


Step 3: Jar prep

Wash and rinse all Jars. Then place the jars in water that is at least 180F to sanitize and warm the glass. Leave them in the water for at least 15min. You can’t over cook them. So if you leave them in longer, it is ok. Layer the lids in a pot of water at 180F for 2min. Boiling can do damage to the rubber, so watch the water heat. (Water boils around 220) Rings do not need to be heated.


Step 4: Preparing Apples

Wash apples in warm water. You can use a pinch of lemon in the water to help with sanitation. After washing all the apples, cut them in half. Then pull out the stems and cut out the flowers. Now cut the rest into about 8ths. Smaller pieces cook faster but if too small they well crumble. If you are using a food sieve or strainer you can leave the seeds. If you are not, then you will need to deseed. Also store bought apples often have wax on them. So peeling is often a wise idea.


Step 5: Cooking

Put apples in about 1 inch of water. A thick-bottomed pot works best. Cook on high heat w/lid till water boils, then turn heat to medium. Let the apples cook through but do not let them get mushy.

Step 6: Mash

If you have a food sieve or strainer. Us them to mash the apples into sauce and remove seeds. If you don’t have one, you can try a blender or potato masher. Just remember to remove the seeds first.

Step 7: Reheat

Season and heat sauce to about boiling.


Step 8: Fill and set

Fill the hot jars with hot applesauce to about a 1/4in. from the top. Clean the lip of the jar for a good seal. Now put on the hot lid and screw the ring on tight (hot pads are your friend).


Step 9: Cool

Set jars aside to cool slowly for about 12hr. Now check the lids that they sealed and write the date on them. Enjoy