Things you will need for this project:

1. Twine

2. Scissors


First cut two 4 ft long pieces of twine. Then cut thirteen 3 ft long pieces of twine


Take one of the 4 ft twines and tie it up so that it runs horizontal to the ground. Starting about a foot in on the horizontal twine, tie one of the 3 ft twines with a clove hitch on to the horizontal twine. Then about every 1 inch tie another 3 ft twine on using a cow hitch. Try and keep the two sides of the string hanging down off the hitches the same length. When you reach your last 3 ft twine tie it on with a clove hitch.



Starting at one end of your hanging twine, take one of the two from the first one and one of the two from the second one and tie them together using overhand knot. Try and keep the knots from being to close or two far from last. Next take the remaining twine from the second and tie it to one of the third set. Then the third to fourth and so on all the way down the line. When you have done a row start again and do another row repeating until the twine is only long enough for one more knot. 



To end the net you take the other 4 ft twine and tie it horizontal so that you can make your last row of overhand knots around it.


Once you have made all your knots trim off any extra twine and remove your horizontal from what ever it was tied to. I made this net smaller to hang some fruit in. You can make it bigger with long twine and can use strong ropes and twine if needed. Have fun!!